Animal Equality's Video Exposing Abuse in Chicken Hatcheries Goes Viral

The video is part of an extensive investigation inside industrial chicken hatcheries in Spain. Over the last week, dozens of media outlets around the world have been echoing the terrible mistreatment that we documented. The footage was filmed over a course of two years and shows how workers rip the heads off of baby chicks, or throw them alive into trash cans when they aren't considered profitable.

Animal Equality, an international animal protection organization, recently presented an investigation inside chicken hatcheries that has been seen by over 36 million people worldwide. The footage was filmed over the course of two years and launched internationally in November 2015.  During the past week several media outlets, such as The India Times, The Sun, Metro and The Daily Mail, have covered the story after the video went viral on social media.

Investigation video: (WARNING: Graphic Material)

The footage filmed by Animal Equality shows:

  • Brutal handling of animals with no consideration for their welfare.
  • Baby chickens being thrown alive into containers and crushed with clubs.
  • Workers ripping the heads off of chicks that aren’t considered profitable.
  • Sick baby chickens suffocating in containers.

Photo Gallery: (WARNING: Graphic Material)

“This shocking footage shows what the meat industry is so eager to hide. The systematic abuse of animals is an integral part of factory farming. We urge consumers to watch this footage and reduce the amount of chicken meat in their diets. This will benefit their health, the environment and animals.” Sharon Nunez, Animal Equality International Director.

About Animal Equality

Animal Equality is an animal protection organization that works towards a world without animal suffering. Animal Equality is a voice for farmed animals all over the world inspiring society, companies and policy makers to adopt compassionate changes for animals.

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